Expansion of DELTA Testing Center Doubles Size

The new Centennial Campus Testing Center doubled in size when it was relocated to the Venture IV office, Suite 236 in September 2015. The reason for expansion was because of the constant growth at the Testing Center. In addition, we were fortunate to receive ETF funding to support expansion and help facilitate the upfit and development of the new Venture IV center. The expansion is deemed a long-term benefit for NC State considering DE has had a steady 20 percent annual growth over the past several years.


DELTA Testing Services faced the following challenges for this project:

  • We had outgrown the 42 seat center that was located in Venture II, resulting in long waiting periods for students to take their exams.
  • It was a challenge getting information to students about the new location of the testing center, many were still going to the Venture II office.


The expanded Testing Center and DELTA staff provided the following solutions:

  • There is now a total of 108 seats for students plus four individual rooms for accommodated testing.
  • To raise awareness of the expanded Testing Center and communicate with NC State students and DE faculty, we continue to post announcements on the DE website and email faculty and students. Starting in Spring 2016, we launched the Testing Services Moodle page and started a pilot program for text messaging students.

For more information contact deproctor@ncsu.edu

For more information about DELTA services, please contact LearnTech.