Cox Hall Testing Center

Due to staggering growth in demand for DELTA Testing Services, DELTA saw the need to double its local testing seat capacity by creating the Cox Hall Testing Center in 2011.


DELTA Testing Services was facing the following challenges at the beginning of this project and was looking for an additional testing facility to be the solution:

  • The demand for testing service increased 30 percent from 2010 to 2011. The result was long lines at the Venture II Testing Center (Centennial Campus). They sought a way to alleviate stress on the existing testing facility.
  • Because more than half of the students who use our testing center are on-campus degree-seeking students, DELTA wanted a convenient testing location for students on Main Campus.
  • DELTA values academic integrity at our testing center and wanted to develop a center that maintained the high degree of academic integrity that existed at the Venture II Testing Center.


DELTA identified a location in Cox Hall that could serve as a Main Campus testing center. The facility, which was complete in spring 2011, provided the following solutions:

  • By renovating a Cox Hall mail room and storage facility, DELTA created a 36-seat testing center with an additional two-seat special needs testing room.
  • The convenient location on Main Campus quickly made the Cox Hall Testing Center more popular than the Venture II Testing Center among on-campus students.

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