Assessment of Learning Technology Tools


  • TADA: Textiles Archive Design Application (FTD 201)
    TADA is a smartphone and web application tool that lets students access and use a database of hundreds of historical textile patterns to help them understand the evolution and interconnectedness of textile pattern design. It is the result of a DELTA Exploratory Grant that updates an obsolete design database called MONA.
  • Top Hat Pilot Project: Report & Recommendations (PDF)
    Through our investigations, both qualitative & quantitative, we discovered that Top Hat is an easy-to-use tool that offers a desirable feature set for interactive teaching both inside and out of the classroom.
  • 2016 WolfWare Usability Evaluation (PDF)
    This study was designed to evaluate the usability and faculty user experience of the WolfWare website for the purpose of supporting future decision making about changes to the site design.
  • Physics for Engineers and Scientists 1 Laboratory (PY 206) – MyTech App
    The MyTech app is designed to allow students to access the data provided by their smartphone’s internal accelerometer and gyroscope during data-collection for physics labs. With the MyTech app, students can use their own smartphone devices along with simple tools to explore physics forces and motion through observing, recording, and exporting data for analysis.
  • 2015 Introduction to Equine Science (ANS 110)
    Trot to TrophyTM is a two-dimensional educational game, allowing students to engage with course content and test their equine knowledge. The report summarizes data about students’ perceptions of the relative effectiveness of game as optional, supplemental course material for learning in ANS110.