WolfWare Outreach Revenue and Pricing Estimator

How to use this calculator

This calculator can help you estimate the number of participants needed and the event/course price to charge to cover your costs or generate the desired revenue.

For assistance with more accurate calculations, we strongly recommend signing up for a consultation where you can bring your rough numbers and we will walk you through a detailed analysis. You may also use our full calculator spreadsheet.

Quick Tips and Definitions

  • Fixed costs do not change based on number of participants.
  • Variable costs increase or decrease based on the number of participants. Enter the per participant cost.
  • Break-even price is what you can charge to recover your costs only.
  • WWO Hosting and REPORTER fees vary based on the number of participants and are automatically calculated for you.
  • REPORTER fees (for reference only, these are calculated for you):
    • If course price is > $40, then fee is $2.00 per registration
    • If course price is < $40, then fee is 5% of course price per registration
  • WWO Hosting Fees (for reference only, these are calculated for you at the internal rate): $7.29, per participant, per course, per 12 months; if hosted through Wolfware Outreach LMS

This calculator is for estimates only. Please sign up for a consultation to get help with a detailed and customized analysis.