Mar 20, 2019

DELTA Outlines Results from All Faculty Survey

What happens to all of those surveys you fill out? Here at DELTA, our Planning and Assessment team uses faculty’s valuable feedback to build awareness and continue to improve our communication, support and services.

Apr 30, 2018

DELTA’s Planning and Assessment Team Positively Impacts Student Success

DELTA's Planning and Assessment team makes a broad impact across DELTA and the university. With a focus on Online and Distance Education programs, student and faculty support, DELTA Grants projects and research, the planning and assessment team works to make data-driven decisions for promoting student success.

Aug 9, 2017

DELTA Updates Its Learning Analytics Annotated Bibliography

DELTA’s Coordinator for Learning Analytics and Assessment Chris Willis, updated the annotated bibliography as a resource for faculty.

Jun 7, 2016

Enhancing Self-Regulation for the Online Learner

Research has shown that key variables for success in an online course include motivation (e.g., goal orientation, self-efficacy), utilizing learning strategies (e.g., metacognitive strategies), and resource management (e.g., time management, help seeking) (Cho & Kim, 2013). While some students may […]

May 9, 2016

DELTA Grant Leads to Student Presentations at Symposium

Three posters at the symposium highlighted scholarship of teaching and learning projects funded by a DELTA Exploratory Grant.

Feb 12, 2015

Take-Aways from the 2014 SACSCOC Annual Meeting

The 2014 SACSCOC Annual Meeting was held in Nashville, Tennessee, from December 6-9, 2014. Up to 4,500 attendees were from across the Southern Region and 1,100 of us were first-time attendees. Like other new attendees at the conference, I was […]

Apr 4, 2014

Have You Seen Your Video Stats?

Are you flipping your class? Teaching online? Putting additional resources online? As we use video more and more to supplement and drive our courses, tools that allow us to see what our students are watching–and if they’re watching–can help us […]

Nov 26, 2013

DELTA Spotlights Successful Use of Educational Games, Social Media and Mobile Learning

With so many social media platforms, so many mobile formats, and so many gaming options out there, where does an innovative online instructor begin? That was the central question addressed this month by a team of DELTA new media developers […]

Oct 1, 2013

Learning Analytics in Higher Education: An Annotated Bibliography

Just as big data has become big business in industries from marketing to medicine, so too has it found a place in higher education. Companies use the “data exhaust” we leave in our wake as we traverse the World Wide […]

Oct 8, 2010

LCR Assessment Reports

The DELTA Large Course Redesign (LCR) Pilot Grants program has been providing monetary and staff resources for faculty who are redesigning large-enrollment undergraduate courses at NCSU. Four courses were targeted for the first round of DELTA LCR Pilot Grant funding […]