Dr Donna T Petherbridge

Sep 23, 2009

Upcoming Faculty Seminar Series: Teaching Larger Classes

Many classes at NC State are larger this year because of budget cuts and increased enrollment. This seminar series is designed to assist faculty in developing and sharing strategies for effectively teaching larger classes. The Office of Faculty Development, in […]

Sep 21, 2009

“Flu-Proofing” a Course: Where do you start?

As stories related to H1N1 continue to appear in places as varied as our own Technician and in Inside Higher Education, the possibility of social distancing(at worst) or students (or you) missing more class than usual due to the flu […]

Sep 16, 2009

OIT Fall 2009 Workshops

Our partners in the Office of Information Technology (OIT) offer free technology training classes for NC State faculty and staff. This fall, OIT is offering various Adobe workshops focused on Acrobat Pro, InDesign and PhotoShop, as well as workshops related […]

Aug 3, 2009

Moodle Article in The Technician

See Moodle moves in at: http://www.technicianonline.com/features/moodle-moves-in-1.1788039 To keep informed regarding the LMS transition on campus, see http://wikis.lib.ncsu.edu/index.php/LMS_Strategy

Jul 27, 2009

Check out DELTA Teaching & Learning with Technology workshops!

For a list of DELTA’s workshops, see http://www.delta.ncsu.edu/workshops/. Summer workshops and seminars run through August 2009, with our fall schedule beginning in September. New courses for the fall include a number of workshops and seminars related to using the Moodle […]

Feb 25, 2009

Update: LMS Committees

One of DELTA’s goals is to provide an enterprise-level LMS service that meets the needs of university constituents for teaching and learning within a cost-effective and maintainable structure.   In moving forward with the improvement and implementation of enterprise-level LMS services, […]

Feb 24, 2009

The Office of Faculty Development invites you to visit their new website

http://www.ncsu.edu/faculty-development/index.html The Office has assumed many of the functions of the former Faculty Center of Teaching and Learning and will offer programming addressing teaching and learning and other areas of faculty work, many in conjunction with other faculty development programs […]