Dr Jennifer T. Tagsold

Jan 13, 2017  |  Online Education

Distracted: 10 Tips to Help the Online Learner Stay Focused

From flashing calendar reminders to buzzing social media notifications, our lives are full of various distractions caused by the way we arrange our digital platforms. For the online learner, making class a priority can be difficult. These tips will help you stay focused.

Jun 7, 2016

Enhancing Self-Regulation for the Online Learner

Research has shown that key variables for success in an online course include motivation (e.g., goal orientation, self-efficacy), utilizing learning strategies (e.g., metacognitive strategies), and resource management (e.g., time management, help seeking) (Cho & Kim, 2013). While some students may […]

Apr 22, 2015

Face-to-face, Blended, or Online: The Impact of Course Delivery Method on Student Learning

Faculty members often apply for a┬áDELTA grant┬áseeking to improve a course using the latest technologies or research-based best practices and end up discovering that a blended or fully online course would be a great fit. When an instructor considers delivering […]

Apr 22, 2015

Learning is Fun: Effective Technology-based Assignments that Students Actually Enjoy

As professors plan their courses and assignments, they might begin by wondering about effective technology-based assignments that students enjoy. There are many engaging assignments happening in classes all around campus. This article will explain the general idea behind the assignments, […]