Inside DELTA: 5 Questions with Michael Castro

Photo by Derek DeStefano.

Michael Castro has demonstrated his passion for video production in the several years he has worked with DELTA as a technology support technician and video producer. Castro worked part time for DELTA for five years and has been working full time for the past three years in the Academic Technology Innovation unit.

Castro’s background is in the north. He was born in New York and raised in Pennsylvania before he moved to North Carolina 11 years ago.

His enthusiasm for video production and interest in cameras began in high school when he had access to cameras to practice with and learn from.

“I would finish my work early for typing class, and I would ask to leave early to go to the class with cameras, and from high school on, that is what I have been doing.”

Castro carrying equipment for a video production project.

Castro continued to chase his passion for video production in college. He earned an Associate Degree in Digital Filmmaking from Living Arts College. As Castro learned more about filmmaking, his love for video production grew, leading him to take on his role at DELTA.

How would you describe your position to someone unfamiliar with DELTA?

The skills he learned about video production through the years allows Castro to assist the Instructional Media Production team in their goals to provide support for the NC State community as they navigate learning technologies. More specifically, Castro is able to use his skills to help his team with video-based classroom services.

“My position helps everybody on our team,” says Castro.

Castro considers himself to be part of the technical side of the filmmaking process. Within his team, Castro’s area of expertise could be considered his adeptness with equipment. His experience with camera work allows Castro to assist the rest of his team with their daily responsibilities.

What are your day-to-day responsibilities?

Castro does not know what to expect when he starts work each day, keeping each day unique and interesting. His daily responsibilities change every day, and he stays prepared for any problems that might arise.

Castro with his wife, Patricia, and his daughter, Zoey.

“I would say something that’s interesting is that sometimes I go into work without a plan, but then things just end up happening, and then I start working on what needs to be done.”

In addition to being able to make everything work efficiently and handle tasks that emerge, Castro has a number of essential tasks that he attends to on a daily basis.

“On a regular day, I could be updating equipment, cleaning up the studio, and I spend a lot in the equipment room, which we call ‘the kitchen.’”

What has been your favorite project you’ve worked on?

Castro finds it difficult to consider one project his favorite because each project is different from others and provides a new learning experience.

“What I like about all of the projects in general is that each project is usually a different subject, so I end up learning something new from each project.”

By collaborating with colleagues on various unique projects, Castro has gained knowledge about many of the areas of study that NC State offers. Working on projects that provide new information to Castro keeps his job interesting.

“You end up learning a lot of information that you would not expect to learn.”

Castro enjoyed working on a project that his team completed about Howling Cow ice cream. By being a part of this project, Castro was able to see firsthand how ice cream is made.

“That project is maybe five years old now, but I remember it so well because we started production around 1 a.m. and filming through the night, getting the process of how ice cream was made from start to finish.”

Castro’s daughter playing with one of his cameras.

What makes your job special?

Castro believes his job is special because he genuinely enjoys the work he does.

“All of it is what I really like to do, so really, I don’t feel like I am working.”

Castro enjoys the work he does so much that he continues to do similar activities after work hours. He continues working with cameras and video production at home, demonstrating his passion for what he does.

Being part of a talented team also encourages Castro on a daily basis.

“I like that we can all work as a team. We all have our own strengths.”

Castro is able to participate in almost every project the team takes on, and he considers this to be part of what makes his job special.

“Very rarely is there a project that goes by that I was not involved in.”

What do you like to do outside of work?

“In my free time I am playing with cameras and equipment or researching it, and then when I am at work, I am pretty much doing the same thing.”

When he is not practicing with or learning more about cameras, Castro enjoys playing and spending time with his wife and one-year-old daughter, Zoey.

Most people at DELTA may not know that Castro collects playing cards. His interest in this hobby began three years ago when he came across a video about playing cards. Since then, Castro has become a part of an online community of playing card collectors that are all interested in sleight of hand, card magic and sharing their playing card collections with others.

Castro continues to be a strong asset to the Instructional Media Production team through his dedication to providing quality content for the NC State community.