WolfWare News 8/7/2017

Screenshot of WolfWare home page


DELTA strives to keep you informed of changes to our learning management systems to help you make the most effective use of Moodle and other WolfWare tools in your courses.

Moodle Upgrade

  • Our annual Moodle upgrade was completed in the Spring and version 3.2 is available for you to prepare Fall courses.
  • The upgrade to Moodle 3.2 brings a new refreshed look, an upgraded Grader Report and a Recycle Bin, along with other enhancements and minor changes. To learn more, watch our short video, “What’s New in Moodle,” recorded April 2017.
  • You can create a space for your Fall course(s) by logging in to WolfWare. Select the “Manage/Add Tools” button located to the right of the course. For full instructions, see: “How to Create a Moodle space.”
  • See DELTA’s Workshops page for details on Moodle training and other offerings on teaching with technology, such as our annual Summer Shorts in Instructional Technologies event August 8-11. A new professional development and networking opportunity called DELTA-Con is available this year, as well.

New WolfWare Tools

We just released two new tools as part of the WolfWare enterprise suite.

  • The WolfWare Email tool allows you to email your class or just a single section with a set of convenient email addresses. This tool functions in much the same way as the email lists that are available via WolfWare Classic.
  • The WolfWare WordPress tool allows you to create a public site that can be linked to your course.
  • Both tools are currently released in a Technology Preview mode. They are working versions that will allow us to solicit your feedback about the functionality and design of the tools. Please take a minute and use the feedback link in the WolfWare page footer to let us know how they work and whether there are improvements you would like to see.

Other News

  • Top Hat: The student engagement platform, Top Hat, is now available to NC State faculty to use in their classrooms at no cost to their students. Visit go.ncsu.edu/tophat to learn more and to sign up for a “Getting Started” workshop.
  • WolfWare Classic: Our homegrown learning management system, WolfWare Classic, is going away in May 2018. With the release of WolfWare Email and WolfWare WordPress, we have tools and services that provide faculty with similar functionality. If you use WolfWare Classic, please transition away from this system as soon as possible. We will be providing details to the campus throughout 2017 about the timeline and support options to assist with the move to Moodle and other technologies. Check out our DELTA Workshops! They’re a great way to get up to speed with using other tools.
  • Fall Workshops: Registration is open for DELTA’s Fall Workshops. Faculty, staff and graduate teaching assistants are welcome to attend. Our first round of workshops will help you start the semester off on the right foot with your teaching with technology efforts. Learn about Moodle, Collaborate, Top Hat, online course design, and creating and using instructional video.
  • WolfWare Maintenance Windows: We reserve blocks of time to take WolfWare tools offline for upgrades and maintenance. View the maintenance schedule to stay up-to-date with WolfWare availability.
  • DELTA News: Keep up with the latest information at our DELTA News site.

Please don’t hesitate to call DELTA’s LearnTech help desk at 919.513.7094, or email learntech@ncsu.edu if you need assistance.