February 2017 Mediasite Administrator Update


  • Mediasite User Group meeting rescheduled
  • New recorder software version build.
  • Mediasite Maintenance Saturday, February 25.

MUG Meeting — Save the Date

The next NC State Mediasite Users Group meeting is March 23 from 2 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. at DELTA in the Center for Technology and Innovation (CTI) building, Room 230-01.

The meeting was rescheduled because Sonic Foundry is planning to release a significant server software upgrade, from the 7.0.XX series to the 7.2 series. Sonic Foundry’s Mark Weiler will be presenting information regarding 7.2.   

Directions: CTI is on the SW corner of Main Campus Drive and Research Drive on Centennial Campus. C permit parking is available on the street or in the Oval West parking deck. The street address and a link to an interactive map is below.

Enter the front of the building on Main Campus Drive. Go up the lobby stairs or take the elevator to the second floor. DELTA office suite 230 will be the first door on your left, and conference Room 1 will be the first door on your right when you enter the suite.

The agenda is forthcoming and will be sent to the Mediasite email list.

Map link: https://centennial.ncsu.edu/centennial-3d-map.php

NC State University-DELTA
1010 Main Campus Drive
Center for Technology and Innovation
Suites 220 and 230
Raleigh, NC 27695

New Recorder Version Released

Sonic Foundry released recorder software version 7.1.12, Build 3853 on January 13. For your convenience, the Release Notes are below. There are no new features, just 5 bug fixes. Please familiarize yourself with the information and test your production workflow accordingly.

Testing Your Production Workflow

The Mediasite testing environment is available 24/7.

  • The test server is on version 7.0.28.
  • The most recent recorder image is 7.1.11
  • The most recent recorder version is 7.1.12 Build 3853
  • 7.1.12 versions require image 7.1.10 or 7.1.11.
  • Every Mediasite Instance is on the test server.
  • You have access to your test Instance, 24/7.
  • The URL is instancename-testing.online.ncsu.edu/online/manage
  • If for some reason you can’t log in, or someone on your team can’t log in, contact us at mediasite-help@ncsu.edu.

All Sonic Foundry Release Notes, bug fixes and known issues are available on the Sonic Foundry Support website.

February Server Maintenance

The next scheduled monthly Windows Updates for the Mediasite servers is Saturday, February 25 from 5 a.m. to 6 a.m.

For further information and future updates, please see the Updates and Maintenance Schedule: https://wolfware.ncsu.edu/updates-maintenance/

The Spring Break maintenance window is March 3 through March 10.

Closed Captioning

When working with a captioning provider, always reference the NC State Convenience Contract 298479 to ensure you receive the discounted rate. Information about NC State closed captioning contract and contract rates can be found here: https://accessibility.oit.ncsu.edu/transcript-and-captioning-providers/

More Information

For any Mediasite information or to send Mediasite help requests, email


Subscribe to Mediasite updates by sending the message “subscribe mediasite” to mj2@lists.ncsu.edu.

Unsubscribe to Mediasite updates by sending the message “unsubscribe mediasite” to mj2@lists.ncsu.edu.

Major Fixes

7.1.12 Build 3853 (Recorder version software)

Log Number Resolution
#45605 Fixed the problem in Recorder where green video could be recorded on an RL120-R1 after a failure with the capture card.
#45717 Fixed the problem in Recorder where switching inputs on an RL120-R1 with a switcher could cause the inputs to freeze.
#45646 Fixed the problem in Recorder where some smooth streaming encoding settings weren’t being displayed as encoding options on RL120-R1 Recorders.
#45676 Fixed the problem in Recorder where errors could occur when publishing to a content server using SFTP.
#45615 Fixed the problem in Recorder where a presentation would not automatically recover if the transcoder failed on stop.

Sonic Foundry Contact Information

General information mediasite@sonicfoundry.com.

Customer Support website: Mediasite Customer Assurance Portal

Customer Support phone: 877.783.7987.


As always, For any NC State Mediasite information or help requests, email mediasite-help@ncsu.edu.