Buker Receives CINDY Award for Statistics Online Video

Todd Buker directs camera operator Michael Castro in shooting of

Todd Buker directs camera operator Michael Castro in shooting of "Know Everything" video as Dr. Jason Osborne of the NC State Statistics Department juggles for the camera.

DELTA’s Todd Buker received a Regional Silver award in the recent CINDY competition for a video called “Knowing Everything.”

Buker, who has worked at NC State for three years, produced this video along with two others as part of a student recruitment/department awareness effort for the Online Statistics program at NC State. Michael Castro and Arthur Earnest assisted with the production and post-production of this project.

This video is one of several the client will use on their website to personalize their impressive faculty and introduce some higher-level concepts.

Instructional Media Productions is housed in NC State’s DELTA unit. The crew specializes in producing highly designed, customized instructional videos for NC State classes going online.

CINDY awards are presented to those individuals and groups who have produced digital programming that achieves the highest level of excellence in production value and message effectiveness. For last year’s regional and international events, over 9750 entries from around the world were judged covering 172+ subject-matter categories.  Programs included websites, videos, mobile apps, podcasts, webinars, commercials, documentaries, films, infomercials, music videos and more.