Mediasite Administrator Update, February 2015

As part of an ongoing effort to keep Mediasite administrators on campus informed, we created this DELTAwire article specifically for you!  For help with any Mediasite questions, please contact us at

This article includes information on the following topics:

NC State Mediasite User Group Meeting

Please plan to attend our NC State Mediasite User Group (MUG) meeting on February 6, 2015, from 2-4 p.m. in 130 Park Shops. Some agenda items will include:

  • Approved Mediasite Projects for 2015-2016
  • Mediasite 7.x Update
  • Mediasite U
  • Vodcast and YouTube

Mediasite Monthly Server Maintenance

The monthly Windows Updates for the Mediasite servers will be installed between 5-8 a.m., on February 14, 2015. The servers will be rebooted one at a time. There will be a brief outage when the database and file servers are rebooted, but no other interruptions are expected.  For further information, please see

If you have any Mediasite issues, please contact

For all regular scheduled server maintenance windows, please see the Updates & Maintenance schedule.

Variable Speed Affecting Accuracy of Analytics

Recently, it has been brought to our attention if a viewer uses the variable speed option on the player, the accuracy of the viewing statistics will be incorrect.

In the analytics report, the time watched is the actual number of minutes the user viewed the lecture. However, the sections of the presentation where variable speed control was used will not be reflected accurately in this analytics report. If user views a 10-minute presentation and the user watched 100% at 2x speed, the report would show the time watched 10 minutes but only viewed 5 minutes of the presentation during the 10 minutes.

Using Merge When Setting Permissions

If you use merge for setting permissions, it might be important for you to know about a recent experience!  “Propagate” pushes all permissions to all child objects, regardless of whether or not a user has the “Inherit” box checked on a folder. The two options, Inherit and Propagate, do not work in tandem. As mentioned, propagate overrides the security settings of all child objects.

A user was expecting if they clicked Merge and then Propagate, the changes (of new role) would have been added to all objects within the folder. However, this is not how merge functions, because, as mentioned above, propagate overrides all child objects’ security settings.

If you want this workflow to merge a new role to all child objects, you would need to follow the following workflow: Merge the new role into the folders. Any subfolders set to Inherit will automatically inherit the changes. You then would go manually and apply the changes to all subfolders/objects that you DO want to have the new role but that you DON’T want to inherit the full set of permissions from the parent folder.

Known Issue with Schedules

If you are using a schedule to create your presentations and a recording fails to start and record, this could be related to a current known issue being investigated by Sonic Foundry. The presentation which will fail will be the recording scheduled for the day before the end date in the schedule. Currently, the workaround is to move the recurrence’s end date out one extra day. We will notify the user community as we receive updates from Sonic Foundry on this issue.

UNLEASH 2015, Mediasite User Conference

The global Mediasite User Conference is the best networking venue for Mediasite enthusiasts. Whether you attend in Madison or choose to participate online, this can’t miss event is packed with knowledge sharing, best practices and Mediasite Community networking.

It’s that time of year to start thinking about Unleash 2015Registration is open, so save the date for your global Mediasite User Conference, April 27-29 in Madison, Wisconsin.

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