IDIG Lunch and Learn: Social Media Tools Demo

On Tuesday, November 26, IDIG (Instructional Design Interest Group) had its monthly Lunch and Learn Collaborate session. This month, Daniel Davis, Yan Shen, Dede Nelson and Erin Adair hosted a tools demo session titled “Social Media Tools Demo: Examples of In-class use.” The presentation started with a brief overview of social media in education. It was followed by four demos focused on the pedagogical uses of Diigo, Voicethread, Piazza, and WordPress, instead of a logistical step-by-step process.

Daniel Davis discussed the critical reading, collaborative research and curation uses for Yan Shen followed by discussing three different classes in which Voicethread was used. First as a critical reflection tool, then as a group presentation tool, and finally as an online critique. Dede Nelson followed with an overview of Piazza and how to use it as a student-centered learning tool. Finally, Erin Adair shared how the Parks, Recreation, and Tourism Master’s program was using WordPress as an ePortfolio system for students to reflect on their learning, organize for goal planning, and use as a professional example of their work.

What is IDIG?

The Instructional Design Interest Group was created as a way to bring together faculty and staff who have interest in the different aspects of instructional design including layouts, best practices and useful tools for learning and assessment.

They meet on the 4th Tuesday of the month and alternate formats monthly:

  • Lunch and Learn (12:00-1:00; 4th Tuesday of the month): Learn about an approach, technology or other topic related to instructional design during your lunch hour. Meetings are held online through Blackboard Collaborate.
  • Greet and Grow (3:30-4:30; 4th Tuesday of the month): Network with others, compare experiences and share tips and tricks about instructional design.  Meetings are held at various locations on campus.

You do not have to be a member of IDIG to come to one of the IDIG meetings. A strong interest in teaching and learning in the classroom is all that is required!  And please visit the IDIG webpage for upcoming dates or join the IDIG Listerv to stay up to date with what is going on within the group.