Moodle 2 Courses

May 17th is the big day! After planning, programming, preparation and previewing, Moodle 2 is going live for students and summer classes. Please don’t wait till the last minute to upgrade your course for the summer or fall. A few things have changed with Moodle 2, and DELTA wants to make sure you get the help and training you need to be successful:

Moodle 2 Upgrade Information

  • Moodle 2.3 is available to request courses for the summer and fall semesters. Our current Moodle (1.9) will be available for use through the entire spring 2013 semester but NOT available for teaching beginning Summer I, 2013. Learn more about Moodle 2 and sign up for training offered by DELTA.
  • Request summer and fall courses now! While Moodle 2 is similar to Moodle 1.9, there are changes in features and functions, particularly in the ways course files work. Advanced preparation is key to a smooth transition, and we are here to help you now and during the summer as you prepare for your next course offering. Call LearnTech at (919) 513-7094 or email for assistance.

Top Moodle 2 Upgrade Questions

  1. Can I request a Moodle Course for Summer/Fall? Yes you can! Go to and click “Create Moodle Space” to get started with your summer or fall course.
  2. How do I access my new Moodle course? How do my students access it?
    • The short answer: Go to and log in. WolfWare is the new entryway for all courses.
    • The longer answer: Because of the transition to Moodle 2, the Moodle materials for version 1.9 (this semester and previous semesters) and the new Moodle material (beginning summer 2013) are on different servers with different URLs. For ease of access to both, we provide one central place for you and your students to access all previous and current courses. Log in to and you will see four tabs that correspond to your Current, Future, and Previous Moodle courses, as well as a Projects tab, if applicable. Your new Moodle course will be in the Future tab until the end of the Spring 2013 semester.
  3. How do I add users (TAs, extras, guests, students, etc.) to my Moodle course? You can add people to your Moodle course by logging into and clicking the “Modify Moodle Space” button, then selecting the course you would like to modify. Scroll down to “Add/Remove People” and enter the appropriate users and roles. For more detailed instructions please see:
  4. How do I get my old content into my new Moodle course? When you create your new Moodle course you have the option the use the Course Copier feature to copy the content from your old course to your new one. If you forget to do it when you create the course, no worries! Go to “Modify Moodle Space”, select your new course and complete the Course Copier section at the bottom of the page.

More Information

Please see the Moodle 2 FAQs for additional information about the upgrade.

Please call LearnTech at (919) 513-7094 or email if you need assistance.