Record your Lectures in Fall 2012: Sign up Now

Distance Education and Learning Technology Applications (DELTA) and the Office of Information Technology (OIT) invite instructors to opt-in to record their course in ClassTech classrooms that have Mediasite classroom capture recording systems. Currently all Mediasite-equipped classrooms operated by ClassTech have audio and notes (presentation, document camera) recording capabilities, and many have cameras. To see if your assigned room is Mediasite-equipped, visit DELTA’s Classroom Capture Rooms List. (Note: Only rooms with college/department listed as OIT/ClassTech are participating in this service.)

Watching or listening to classroom lectures and discussions allows students to review material multiple times, including right before tests, which should help increase retention of the material. The recordings are not intended to serve as a substitute for attending class, but as a way to reinforce material.

Instructors can link recorded lectures directly into their class’s Moodle site for easy student access.  They can also monitor student usage–through weekly or monthly reports–to see how often students are using the recordings and if there is a correlation with student learning. Lectures are restricted to students enrolled in the section being captured, but instructors can add additional sections if they desire.

Operating Mediasite equipment to record a class is fairly simple for an instructor with moderate technical abilities. A brief equipment training session is provided, but the automated workflow makes recording your course reliable and user friendly. There is no charge for this service.

If you wish to record your course, please visit the Classroom Capture Portal to opt-in.

To learn more about classroom capture at NC State, contact Laura Stephenson at

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