Classroom Capture Pilot Continues in Spring 2012

After a successful pilot during the fall 2011 semester, Distance Education and Learning Technology Applications (DELTA) and the Office of Information Technology (OIT) will be continuing their pilot with the Mediasite classroom capture recording system to record content in ClassTech classrooms. The classroom capture pilot was jointly hosted by DELTA, OIT’s ClassTech, and the Poole College of Management. Approximately 40 instructors tested the capabilities and applications of the Mediasite classroom capture system.

After using the pilot to implement and make adjustments to the automated workflow, feedback from instructors indicate that the service is, overall, reliable and user friendly. Operating Mediasite equipment to record a class is fairly simple for an instructor with moderate technical abilities.

Providing recordings invites students to listen to or watch their class lectures long after the bell rings. Students were able to review the recordings multiple times, including right before tests. The recordings were not intended to serve as a substitute for attending class, but as a way to reinforce material.

DELTA and OIT surveyed both faculty and student users in the ClassTech rooms involved in the pilot. While response rates for students were low, survey data did provide the team with information about how lecture capture is being used,and seen as valuable, by some of our students and faculty. Read full reports on both the student survey and faculty survey.

To learn more about the 120 classrooms across campus with Mediasite equipment, visit DELTA’s Classroom Capture Rooms List.

During the spring 2012 semester the classroom capture system will be open to all NC State instructors teaching in a Mediasite-equipped classroom. If you are interested in recording your course, please visit the Instructor Opt-in Portal to submit your request to record.

To learn more about classroom capture at NC State, contact Laura Stephenson at

2 responses on “Classroom Capture Pilot Continues in Spring 2012

  1. Mark Keen says:

    What was the rationale for selecting classrooms that received mediasite? When will classrooms like Bostian 3712 and Fox 140 have mediasite capability?

    1. Laura Stephenson says:

      The Mediasite Distribution Task Force allocated 45 recorders throughout the campus. These recorders were purchased with ETF funds, and were placed in classrooms to be used for instructional or other purposes that benefit fee-paying students at NC State. Additionally, the Task Force recommended the allocation of 1 Mediasite recorder to each college, if that college had a need for the unit. In addition, they requested input from the college regarding how many other units the college would need and used this information as a basis for distribution of the remaining recorders. At this time, we are not aware of further recorder purchases. If your
      college or department is interested in purchasing a recorder for one of these classrooms or you have further questions, please feel free to contact me for further information.