NC State Enterprise Learning Management System (LMS) Updates

Migration from Blackboard Vista to Moodle

Starting in the summer of 2010, DELTA  began an assisted migration program called reVAMP to help faculty make the transition to Moodle smoothly. Over the course of the next year, we completed 460 requested course migrations in three waves, prioritizing the colleges with the heaviest use of the Blackboard Vista.  We moved all existing content and activities into their Moodle equivalents and pointed assisted faculty to help resources on how to make the mental transition to the new system and its interface.

As a final failsafe, we converted all spring 2011 courses and all fall 2010 DE courses from Vista, storing the backup files on one of our servers in case future faculty might need the materials but did not request that they be migrated to Moodle. In addition, many faculty migrated themselves with minimal assistance from our workshops, training videos, FAQs and the DELTA LearnTech help desk.

As of June 2011 Vista was permanently decommissioned and is no longer available for use.  For those who did not to participate in the reVAMP program during this eighteen-month time period, we are no longer able to easily retrieve information from prior courses.  If there is a critical need access a previous Vista course (e.g. a student grade inquiry as an example), email and see if we are able to access your previous course; however, please do not have an expectation that we can still retrieve files and/or other materials from a Vista course.