DELTA Team Updates

Marketing and Partnership Development

Heather Barbour

Wolfpack Sports Marketing (WSM)
Working with WSM for a fall Distance Education marketing campaign that includes online ads at, ads in the PackTracks newsletters during September, October, and November; sponsorship of PackTalk during all home football games, and radio ads during all football broadcasts.

DE Website Phase 2
Continued work is being done across units on phase 2 deliverables for the DE website redesign. Updates are being made to the Virtual Orientation and Course Details Pages. Also, a new Partners page was developed and an Apply Now, Enroll Now, Get Help Sidebar is being implemented on all pages of the site to help students get to the information they need quickly.

iPhone/Mobile Web Research
WolfMatch, the DE iPhone match game research and development has been completed and the game will launch the first week in September.

Project Management Systems Research
A survey was sent to production-related staff in ISS, App Dev, App Support, and MPD. After reviewing results from the survey, these groups met individually to brainstorm in more detail about project management needs within their groups and DELTA. This information will be reviewed over the next month and next steps will be identified.