DELTA Team Updates

LMS Coordination – Educational Technology Services

Marty Dulberg

Thanks to the efforts of a large number of people throughout DELTA, things have been going exceptionally well on the LMS front. The WolfWare LMS Portal has received a number of under-the-hood enhancements and the process for allowing faculty to request a course space has been made more user-friendly. We’ve extended the WolfWare look to Moodle and look forward to extending it to Elluminate Live this fall, all in an effort to more tightly unify the look and feel of the various tools we support in the LMS.

Faculty and student reaction to Moodle has been very positive. As we phase out Blackboard Vista (ending June 2011), faculty have been moving to Moodle at a much higher rate than we anticipated thanks both to the excellent service that LearnTech has provided through the reVAMP migration program and the ease with which faculty are able to acclimate to Moodle. From Spring 2010 to Fall 2010 we have almost doubled the numbers of sections using Moodle (1,101 to 2,107) while more than doubling the number of enrollments that Moodle serves (34,325 to 70,399). We experienced a few glitches at the beginning of the semester due to the doubling of the load on the servers but with a little fine tuning we have things working very well now. It’s really exciting that we are able to be an integral part in the educational process here at State and support a set of tools that are used to help virtually every student on campus learn!