DELTA Team Updates

Instructional Design & Course Production – Instructional Support Services

David Howard, Lee Ann Gillen, Cleo Magnuson, Cathi Phillips, Ruth Smith, Alyson Tuck

Through the 2010-11 IDEA Grants we awarded seven full-production grants and eleven more limited-resources grants that will receive funding but limited staff resources. We have already held an orientation for the seven full-production project leads and we have scheduled first meetings with almost everyone who has received support of any kind. It’s an exciting and busy time. Please note that funds have not been transferred yet, pending final budgets. A list of the projects is available on DELTAWire.

At the same time, we have four courses that are going live this semester and four more in full-on development. We are collaborating with the Creative and Multimedia team on a virtual microscope application, an interactive lab preparation module with videos and animation, and many other cool things. We are working with Video Communication Services on interviews with niche tourism experts for a Parks, Recreation and Tourism course. And we are developing case studies, activities, assessments and content pieces with our faculty.

We are working with Distance Education on an online orientation for new DE students. The orientation is intended to help students prepare for the Distance Education experience and become familiar with some things they might encounter in a DE course. The orientation will be in Moodle and will feature content and activities that help students get oriented to NC State and Distance Education as well as examples from a variety of styles of courses.