DELTA Team Updates

Faculty Development – Instructional Support Services

Stacy Gant, Yiling Chappelow, Andy Click, Lisa Fiedor, Allie Giro, Greg Kraus, Beth Shepherd, Traci Temple

It’s been a busy summer for the FacDev crew. After wrapping up the Summer Institute in May, we’ve spent a good deal of our time teaching classes. From June through August, we delivered 58 workshops, custom training and seminars. We’ve also been busy providing faculty support on learning technologies. In August alone we resolved over 1,000 help calls, which is a record number. We’ve also been building our collection of QuickTrainings on LMS tools. And of course, we’ve been up to our elbows in migrations, moving course content from Vista to Moodle. [About 270 courses have been “reVAMPed” since we launched this program in March.]

We also oversaw the ’10-’11 RFP for the DELTA Large Course Redesign (LCR) Pilot Grants, and awarded nearly $92,000 (pending final budgets) to faculty across campus. The courses receiving funding are College Physics lab component (PY 211/212), Introduction to Statistics (ST 311), and the continued funding of Calculus I (MA 141).