DELTA Team Updates

Creative & Multimedia Production – Instructional Support Services

Mike Cuales, Scott Dubois, Ben Huckaby, PJ Odom, Amanda Robertson, David Tredwell

Course Development

Mostly focused on various production elements for ENT 495, ENT401, CSC 582 and TMS 211. Includes Entomology interviews and demo videos, Honey Bee Interactive development, 3D modeling and animation and creating a virtual microscope.

College Course Templates

Forty-three design templates have been posted to the DELTA website for distribution. Various conversation were had with program directors, college communicators and associate deans to help promote and obtain feedback on the templates. The team will continue to add to this list as we work on new courses. We also began working with Video Communications Services (VCS) on video title and ID screens that will be used as internal production assets.

Marketing & Outreach

Assisting the Office of Emerging Issues on assembling a student team to facilitate the design and up-fit of a gallery space in the new Hunt Library. Released the WolfMatch iPhone Game – 400+ people have downloaded the game. Updates were made to the DE website as part of the Fall marketing campaign. Successfully implemented new creative/content on the NCSU DE Page. received over 4,000 hits from this page last month:


Amanda Robertson, Ruth Smith and Cathi Phillips had their presentation, “Beyond Facebook: Social Media for Your Classroom” accepted for the AACE E-Learn Conference in October.