DELTA Team Updates

Applications Development – Educational Technology Services

Jeff Webster, Jonathan Champ, Drew Davidson, Thomas Zack

This summer was spent wrapping up current projects getting ready for a big push on learning management system (LMS) work for the Fall. Areas that had work completed include: Classroom Capture Tool, IDEA Grants, reVAMP, WolfWare, Moodle, DE Enrollment Reports, DE website.

Projects for the Fall include (note: all of these involve working with one or more other DELTA units and some involve non-DELTA participants):
WolfWare – general

  • WolfWare Toolbox – new tool for managing your use of WolfWare modeled after the Vista section management tool (SMT) and WolfWare Classic Admintool. This will replace the current Moodle integrations tool and slowly replace some parts of the WolfWare Classic Admintool. Targeted for go-live in November for Spring course requests.
  • SIS grade upload from Moodle, similar to current functionality in Vista SMT
  • deploy/develop feature request system

WolfWare – Moodle

  • begin evaluation of Moodle 2.0

Classroom Capture Tool

  • enhancements to begin supporting non-operator classrooms

DE Website

  • work on new version of Course Details


  • migrate our primary data store (raleigh) to new hardware
  • begin implementing new DELTA data api’s

Web Management

  • update Google Analytics deployment