DELTA Team Updates

Media Distribution Services – Educational Technology Services

Peter Watson, Bob Pence, Bob Wilkerson, Brian Dyer

Media Distribution has been busy with the usual activities of transcoding digital files between different formats; uploading files for online distribution, creating disc media when necessary; operating media servers for channel 18 and so on.

Items of note:

  • Very encouraging news from Brenda Burns-Williams about the results of our Large Course Redesign efforts, but you’ll have to read Peter’s separate DELTAwire post to get the details.
  • We’re re-arranging equipment to create a more functional master control for channel 18, now that our VCS colleagues have relocated to Ricks Hall.
  • An upcoming first for channel 18 on Friday October 15th – live coverage of the NC State “Red Rally” from Reynolds Coliseum! This is something completely new and different and will probably garner channel 18’s largest audience, times ten.