LMS Maintenance on August 13 and 14


  • Elluminate: Friday, August 13, 4:00PM – 5:00PM
  • WolfWare and Moodle: Saturday, August 14, 6:00AM – 12:00PM


We are upgrading to version 10 of Elluminate which includes the following features:

  • many accessibility enhancements for people using assistive technologies
  • the new Activity Window which allows a person to see in one location all the updates from all parts of the Elluminate session
  • improved Eluminate Live Manager functionality, including easier searching for meetings and recordings and also easier browsing through the calendar
  • higher visual quality in the whiteboard and application sharing
  • higher quality audio, better audio-visual synchronization, and less audio latency
  • better network proxy-detecting capabilities
  • ability to optimize for using a room mic as opposed to a personal headset


  • reducing the vertical space the Announcement bar takes up, plus making the text area wider for each announcement
  • adding the Set Course Home Page tool to the WolfWare Toolbox. This will let you set the link for your course’s homepage to something other than the default system.


  • upgrading to version 1.9.9 from 1.9.5+. The changes primarily deal with security fixes.
  • changing the theme of the main Moodle pages to reflect the look-and-feel of the WolfWare page
  • correcting display problems with the NCSU specific themes
  • changing the language for creating new Moodle accounts to warn users with a Unity ID to not create their own accounts in Moodle
  • installing the German language pack
  • better course navigation for people using assistive technologies
  • back end fixes to
    • better deal with people changing their Unity IDs
    • allow for stronger password encryption for local Moodle accounts (Note: Unity account passwords are not stored in Moodle)
    • allow for easier creation of new roles and debugging current roles
    • store all of the language files in one central location for easier distribution across the application nodes

One response on “LMS Maintenance on August 13 and 14

  1. Alton Banks says:

    I have had several problems importing data from previous courses into my CH100 course for Fall 2010.
    Something is amiss.