What’s New in Moodle? (12/2009)

We made several changes to the Moodle server during our most recent maintenance window.  In brief, here are the changes:

  • changed the URL to http://moodle.wolfware.ncsu.edu
  • moved the server to a more robust clustered environment
  • added several new NCSU based themes
  • added enhanced course layout editing features
  • added the Journal activity
  • enabled the option for parts of courses to be totally open to the public, without having to log in as a guest
  • enabled the Outcomes feature – a way to measure if students meet course objectives
  • disabled the blog, messaging, and notes system


2 responses on “What’s New in Moodle? (12/2009)

  1. phil says:

    is there any plan to support rss? would be really great with assignments, but i was thinking mainly for the forums.

    1. Greg Kraus says:

      Actually, forums currently do support RSS feeds so you can receive updates about posts and replies. Instructors can set up forums to produce RSS feeds from within the forum settings. If you want to use RSS feeds with a Registration and Records course you need to use caution because the RSS feeds are not FERPA compliant. If you have any questions about this you can contact learntech@ncsu.edu.