Announcing NC State’s NMC Campus Leaders Advisory Board

From the desk of Dr. Traci Temple

NC State is starting a second year as a member of the NMC ( The NMC is an “internationally focused not-for-profit consortium of learning-focused organizations dedicated to the exploration and use of new media and new technologies.” The organization sponsors programs and activities designed to stimulate innovation, encourage collaboration, and recognize excellence among its member institutions.

The NMC has been working to help its members maximize the benefits of the organization for their campuses while helping involve more faculty, staff and students in its programs and activities (i.e., The Horizon Project). As a way to expand the value of our membership and foster more community involvement, the NMC has started the “Campus Leaders Advisory Board” at all member colleges and universities.

The NMC asked me to recommend five individuals from across campus to serve on the Campus Leaders Advisory Board. I am happy to announce the faculty and staff from NC State who are volunteering for one year (January 2010 to December 2010) to serve as NMC Campus Leaders:

  • Dr. Alton Banks, Professor, Chemistry;
  • Kim Duckett, Librarian for Digital Technologies and Learning, NC State Libraries;
  • Charlie Morris, Distance Education and Web Coordinator, CNR;
  • Leigh-Jay Hicks, Instructional Technologist, CALS Information Technology;
  • Keith Morgan, Principal Librarian for Digital Media, NC State Libraries.

The advisory role is intended to help ensure the timeliness and relevance of NMC programs and activities. The NMC will be tapping these leaders from time to time for their insights and opinions, and their collective voice will be a very important part of the NMC’s strategic planning and programmatic directions. I am looking forward to working with Alton, Kim, Charlie, Leigh-Jay and Keith to build and strengthen NC State’s campus alliances and enrich our NMC membership.

  • For more information about the NMC, link to
  • For questions about NC State’s membership and how to become a member, please contact me at anytime, or 919-513-3193. (I serve as the New Media Consortium (NMC) Campus Liaison at NC State. I am the primary point of contact for questions from the campus constituency related to the NMC membership.)
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One response on “Announcing NC State’s NMC Campus Leaders Advisory Board

  1. Alan Levine says:

    Thanks for spreading the CLAB news, Traci! We at NMC look forward to working closer with your team.