Rich Media Earns Rave Reviews

DELTA continues to receive positive feedback on Rich Media, the webcasting system that synchronizes audio, video, and visual aids for current and future viewing.  Recent comments from Rich Media users highlight this emerging technology’s convenience, reliability, and versatility.

From Louise Dolan, Foreign Languages and Literatures faculty member, on Mini Studio recordings:

“I completed the taping of the 14 grammar modules that I will use to enable my online Spanish students to receive the equivalent of one-on-one tutoring in the FLS201 Spanish grammar. I found the camera room to be an excellent way to produce these mini-grammar lessons which include visual and written examples of the grammar points discussed.  Honestly, I was surprised at how easy it was to learn how to use the camera room equipment, and I am certain that I will continue to utilize it as I develop new courses and lessons.

“My online students love the videos, and I have noticed that the average scores on the chapter exams have improved since I added them to the syllabus.  I also allow my traditional students access to these videos, as
it gives them one more way to review the grammar before each chapter test.  This is one more example of how online teaching technology can be used, both with online students, and traditional classroom students, to enhance learning and increase retention.”

From Eugene Murray, Distance Learning Specialist, ITRE, on the portable Rich Media recorder boxes:

“Our research center here at NCSU organizes the biennial International Conference on Ecology and Transportation (ICOET, <>). While we have used video camera recording at past conferences to document the proceedings, the addition of your Mediasite technology this year has been a significant improvement.  The synchronization of the video with PowerPoint images delivers a richer online viewing and learning experience to persons who were unable to attend the conference in person, and for ICOET participants who were attending other sessions concurrent to those being recorded.  Since posting the Mediasite files online, several persons have already emailed to compliment us on the recordings.  To quote one person, ‘The website and presentation access is awesome!’

“I was impressed with how simple and convenient the Mediasite mobile recorder unit was to use while ‘on the road’ at conference.  The recorder’s compact size and ‘plug and play’ design could not have been easier to set-up and operate.  Even uploading a recording file remotely to the server during the conference, with Larry’s guidance on the IP settings, worked perfectly. This was our center’s first time using Mediasite and, hopefully with your continued assistance, it won’t be our last.  We would next like to use the technology to ‘live stream’ some ad hoc training videoconferences that we produce 1-2 times per year.  I’m also introducing our center’s faculty and staff to Mediasite in hopes that they may use it to complement their classroom-based training courses.  And based on the positive feedback from this year’s ICOET, I’m expecting we’ll want to continue using Mediasite for our next conference in summer 2011.”

For more information on how Rich Media can support your teaching, presentation, or other recording needs please contact Laura Stephenson, DELTA’s Associate Director for Academic Technologies Coordination, or 513-2989.