Elluminate upgrade on 10/10

During a scheduled LMS maintenance window this weekend, Elluminate will be upgraded to version 9.5. The most important changes to this version of Elluminate are:

  • Improved stability and performance which will correct the problems we have been having with web service reliability.
  • Switch to a different database for better performance and flexibility.

Additionally, you’ll notice some cosmetic changes in the Elluminate interface and a few cool new features. For an overview of the changes in v9.5, see What’s New in Elluminate Live! v9.5 (pdf document).

For the most part, you should not have any trouble moderating your sessions in the upgraded Elluminate Live! interface. However, the Elluminate meeting creation interface has quite a different look, and has several exciting new features.   We have a step-by-step handout as well as a training video available to help you:

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact LearnTech at learntech@ncsu.edu or 513-7094.

One response on “Elluminate upgrade on 10/10

  1. The login screen for meetings has also changed. Luckily, Dede Nelson has created two additional aids to help with the login screen:

    If you are logging in as the session moderator:

    If you are logging in as a participant: