Student Recruitment and Marketing

Are you ready to improve the quality and diversity of your student body via smart marketing activities?

Recruiting new students online often involves implementing strong search engine optimization (SEO) on your website, targeting students with paid search campaigns on sites like Google and Yahoo, and connecting with students via social media tools such as Facebook and Twitter.

DELTA has the experience and expertise to help you find the right way to affordably and efficiently navigate marketing efforts, from funding to fruition, while maintaining the university’s brand standards along the way.

To get started, contact the Marketing and Partnership Development team at 919.513.4236 or email DELTA Associate Vice Provost for Marketing and Partnership Development Kay Zimmerman.

Online and Distance Education Marketing Services

Our team coordinates and delivers Distance Education student recruitment strategies to maximize and meet Online and Distance Education enrollment projections. The team provides strategic consulting, marketing intelligence, support and guidance to academic departments to:

  • Support effective Online and Distance Education student recruitment and meet enrollment projections
  • Provide market insights so that information can be effectively and appropriately targeted
  • Understand our competitors, and provide advice on how to compete
  • Understand likely markets for new Online and Distance Education programs
  • Support new Online and Distance Education program development with market intelligence, trend analysis, feasibility studies and environmental scans
  • Recommend strategic, efficient and cost-effective marketing approaches

By exclusively focusing recruitment for Online and Distance Education students, we are able to offer support that ranges from the identification of new programs to the implementation of program-specific tactical campaigns to meet enrollment projections.

Strategic support for data-driven marketing decisions includes, but is not limited to:

  • Compiling market research, trend analysis, competitor research and feasibility studies
  • Researching new and emerging market analysis to determine new program development
  • Designing data-driven marketing strategies
  • Evaluating and developing strategic partnerships

We are also here to provide tactical support to:

  • Develop and implement online/digital student recruitment campaigns that include SEO, and geographic/demographic/psychographic and behavioral targeted initiatives
  • Implement advanced marketing analytics initiatives
  • Create key messaging and branding
  • Develop and analyze websites
  • Plan and implement comprehensive marketing campaigns, data tracking and analysis and strategic recommendations