Marketing Support

Starting to think about increasing enrollment in your online and distance education program?

DELTA’s marketing planning includes marketing strategies, situation analysis, implementation tactics, target audience identification, specific objectives, budgets and metrics. Tasked with promoting NC State as the premier leader in online and distance education in North Carolina, we assess the best vehicles and strategies for online and distance education marketing while identifying opportunities for cross-promotion through cost-effective marketing initiatives.

Environmental Scans

Environmental scans support and inform strategic planning and execution processes. To adapt to a rapidly changing external environment, we must successfully identify new online and distance education programmatic areas and develop predictability models to meet online and distance education enrollments. The lead time to analyze and respond to these and other changes is decreasing. Using environmental scanning to examine present trends among a limited number of social, technological, economic and political variables, we can identify future change.

Data-driven decisions require understanding the external environment and the interconnections and translating this understanding into the online and distance education program planning and decision-making processes. MPD’s environmental scan provides research on new trends, political factors, budgetary matters, demographics and economic development analysis. The environmental scans support enrollment forecasting, which is essential for informing university planning to anticipate, predict and control future outcomes.

Advertising Services

MPD implements strategic marketing and advertising targeted to Online and Distance Education student recruitment. Online advertising includes targeted ads that are geographically, demographically, psycho-graphically and behaviorally geared to reaching the prospective online and distance dducation student. To reach the right students, MPD includes analytics and data measurement in all marketing and advertising campaigns for comprehensive assessment and data evaluation.

Social media is an important strategic direction for Online and Distance Education marketing. Our advertising campaigns have included Facebook, Indeed, Twitter and YouTube. Our goal is to reach new Online and Distance Education students where they are and provide them with information that can help them make an informed decision about the best Online and Distance Education program choices for them.

Military Marketing

Would you like to promote your course to active members of the U.S. military? NC State Online and Distance Education is dedicated to serving our military, veterans and civilian students. MPD supports and participates in military education fairs at all bases throughout the state. We also partner with local community colleges to co-market the undergraduate degree completion program Leadership in the Public Sector.

Marketing to the active and retired military can include active outreach, targeted advertising and social media to reach prospective online and distance education students.

Ready to get started? Contact our Marketing and Partnership Development (MPD) team at 919.513.4236 or email DELTA Associate Vice Provost for Marketing and Partnership Development Kay Zimmerman.