WolfWare Classic

WolfWare Classic is no longer available as of May 14, 2018. Instructors will have read-only access to AFS lockers and will be able to download their files via File Transfer Protocol per the retention policy. View the video or links on this page to learn about DELTA-supported tools and services. For assistance with these tools, please contact LearnTech.


If You use WolfWare Classic for:

Consider Using:

Resources to Get You Started:

Course content available ONLY to your class Moodle (Student must log in) Teaching with Moodle videos, Request a Moodle Space, Moodle Essentials
WolfWare WordPress
(Access controlled by you)
WolfWare WordPress Essentials Workshop
Course content open to your class and others WolfWare WordPress WolfWare WordPress Essentials Workshop
Google Sites Google Sites Info
Message Boards Forums in Moodle Request a Moodle Space, Moodle Essentials,
Options for Forums
Videos Where should I store my videos?
My Mediasite Moving WolfWare Classic video files to My Mediasite
YouTube YouTube Info
Google Drive Google Drive Info
Submission (and return) of Assignments Moodle Assignment Adding an Assignment to Moodle
Gradebook Moodle Gradebook Overview of Moodle Gradebook
Emailing Your Class Moodle Announcements Posting an Announcement
Moodle QuickMail Using Moodle QuickMail
WolfWare Email Lists Tool WolfWare Email Lists Info
Other Uses Contact LearnTech for assistance LearnTech Request