Moodle at NC State

NC State uses Moodle as its primary LMS (learning management software). Moodle enables instructors to communicate with students and provide a variety of activities and resources. To access Moodle courses, sign in to WolfWare. As of Summer 2018, NC State will be using Moodle version 3.4.

Moodle can facilitate:

  • Maintaining a website for your course

  • Posting or linking to a variety of content such as syllabi, assignments, readings, reference materials or recorded media

  • E-mailing and posting messages to notify your students about important events

  • Using forums and wikis to allow students to collaborate

  • Posting grades securely

  • Receiving and returning assignments from students

  • Creating online assignments and quizzes


DELTA offers a variety of services to support faculty and staff using Moodle:


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