How can I email my class in Moodle?

One solution is to use your class’s Announcements Forum. All students are subscribed to this Forum, so anything posted to this forum by the instructor is automatically emailed to all members of the class. Students cannot opt out of this subscription.

Additionally, instructors can use the Quickmail block to send an email message to all participants in a Moodle class, or to selected participants. A record of the message is kept in Moodle. The roles that can use this feature are Instructor, Teaching Assistant, and Instructional Support.

To add the Quickmail block to your course, follow these steps while logged into your course:

  1. Click the “Turn editing on” button. This will cause the “Add a Block” block to display.
  2. In the “Add a Block” block, select “Quickmail.”

To compose an email message, click “Compose,” select recipients, and enter the subject and body of your message. Your message will be logged under the “History” link in the Quickmail block. Only the first email message will be recorded in Moodle. All replies made to the message will be sent through regular email.


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