Multimedia Application Development

Complex instructional concepts and interactive activities pose unique challenges in education that can’t always be solved by traditional forms of media. These challenges can be met by combining instructional content with different forms of media, interface and experience design, and application development. Partner with DELTA to explore options for unique, interactive activities and resources that are reinforced by sound pedagogy. Visit Get Help and request an instructional consultation to begin the process.



This app was developed in collaboration with the Department of Physics for introductory kinetic labs, allowing students to use their smartphones as data collection devices in experiments. It was designed to expose students to the physical forces found in the world, keep the technology component of experiments simple, and encourage exploration outside of the lab.

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Screenshot of the MyTech app for physics                       Screenshot of MyTech app

MicroExplorer 3D

Developed in collaboration with textiles instructors, this app provides students with a companion reference for compound microscopes that they are expected to encounter and use in labs. It provides a 3D model with connected articles, describing the purpose and use of each piece with text, images and videos.

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