Graphic Design and Illustration

Graphic Design is the process of problem-solving and communicating using typography, photography and illustration. We present ideas and messages by combining icons, images and text in a visual form. We take an instructional challenge, interpret the content and visualize it in a simple way to make it easier for a student to comprehend. The use of Graphic Design can also make the information more appealing to an audience that is used to today’s sophisticated media.

Illustration is used to specifically visualize an idea or concept. It is used to create characters used in animation, icons used in infographics and images to tell a story or communicate a message. We often use Illustration to present information in a different way. The more unique the image the more likely the viewer will be engaged. Our goal is to find the balance between engaging and functional. Most of our illustration work is created digitally with the use of programs such as Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.