Animation and Illustration

Are you interested in enhancing your presentations?

To benefit student learning, DELTA can help you enhance presentations with interactive graphics, illustrations or animation using technology such as Flash.

Read about presentation tools below that might be right for your course or visit our Get Help section to connect with DELTA staff who can make recommendations to meet your specific teaching needs.


Flash movie files (.swf files) can be used to add animations video, and fully-functional free-standing interactive media to your course. Flash movies are a versatile learning tool because they can combine virtual objects and video and can easily be embedded into web pages using HTML editors, such as Dreamweaver.

There is a wealth of online tutorials and information that can help new users quickly train themselves to create Flash movies.


We are currently investigating the use of 3D online environments for teaching and learning. 3D objects help students visualize and interact with information in ways that are often unavailable or impossible to achieve in real life, such as adjusting the rotation of the planets in our solar system or seeing the inner workings of an airplane engine.


Are you interested in creating custom animations for your course? Visit Get Help to schedule a consultation for recommendations to meet your specific teaching needs.