Innovation in Distributed Education Applications: Yearly Grant Totals 06-07

During the 2006-2007 DELTA IDEA Grants cycle, 33 proposals were submitted, representing 7 academic colleges. The following projects were supported during the 2006-2007 DELTA IDEA grants cycle:

Title of Project Principal Investigator College Grant Category
Course Revival for Distance Education SSC 532 Soil Microbiology Alexandria Graves CALS DE Course Development
Active Learning for CSC/ECE 506, Architecture of Parallel Computers Edward Gehringer Engineering DE Course Development
Courses Without BordersĀ®: Conservation Biology and Open Space Planning George Hess CNR Exploratory
Development of online Farm Business Management course (ARE 303) Guido Van Der Hoeven CALS DE Course Development
Development of Principles of Horticulture as a Distance Education Course Helen Kraus CALS DE Course Development
Establishing a DE Seed Biology and Ecology Course Janet Spears CALS DE Course Development
General Entomology John Meyer CALS DE Course Development
Organic Chemistry in a Flash Kay Sandberg PAMS DE Course Development
Theoretical Perspectives on Advanced Multimedia Design Kevin Oliver Education DE Course Development
Going On-line with CS 714: Crop Physiology Randy Wells CALS DE Course Development
NR400/500 Natural Resource Management Robert Abt CNR DE Course Development
Certificate in Counseling (Online): Developing an Online Counseling Course Siu-Man Ting Education DE Course Development
Collaborative communication in virtual worlds Stephanie Trunzo CHASS Exploratory