Innovation in Distributed Education Applications: Yearly Grant Totals 05-06

During the 2005-2006 DELTA IDEA Grants cycle, 18 proposals were submitted, representing 6 academic colleges. The following projects were supported during the 2005-2006 DELTA IDEA grants cycle:

Title of Project Principal Investigator College Grant Category
Development of a Distance Education Course in Soil Physics Aziz Amoozegar CALS Course Development
Enhancing an online pronunciation course with interactive activities and video Carolyn Quarterman CHASS Learning Materials Development
EDP304 Distance Education Course Connie Bossert Education Course Development
Development of Interactive Exercises for Introductory Plant Pathology David Shew CALS Learning Materials Development
Ethics for Distance-Education Students Edward Gehringer Engineering Resource Development
Implementing novel learning tools in Principles of Animal Science Nutrition Kimberly Ange CALS Course Development
Enhancement of Distance Learning Materials for MA242.6xx Larry Norris PAMS Learning Materials Development
IGNITE (Integrating Gaming Networks In Teacher Education) Len Annetta Education Course Development
Online Writing Tutorial Services Marcia Toms Other Resource Development
Animal Health and Food Safety in a Global Economy Maria Correa Veterinary Medicine Course Development
Development of an Advanced Course in Environmental Law and Economic Policy Ted Feitshans CALS Course Development