IDEA Grants: Yearly Grant Totals 10-11

During the 2010-2011 DELTA IDEA (Innovation in Distributed Education Applications) Grants cycle, 38 proposals were submitted, representing 8 academic colleges. The following projects were supported during the 2010-2011 DELTA IDEA Grants cycle:

Title of Project Principal Investigator College Grant Category
ARC 140: Experiencing Architecture Robin Fran Abrams Design Course Development
GTI 401 – Culture Windows: On-Line International Student Success Modules Michael J. Bustle Cooperative Education Exploratory
MB 451: Microbial Diversity – Development of a DE section James W Brown CALS Course Development
ARE 106:  Introduction to American and International Business Law Ronald K Campbell CALS Course Development
CS 415: Integrated Pest Management – Establishing a Distance Education Course Danesha Carley CALS Course Development
LAR 492: Design for Children and Family Landscapes Nilda G Cosco Design Course Development
AEE 524: New Media Methods – Coordinating the High School Agricultural Education Program Barry Croom CALS Course Development
PS 305: The Justice System in the American Political Process –  Proposal for a Distance Education Course Amanda Ross Edwards CHASS Course Development
ECI 515: Internet Applications & Web Design Lori Beth Holcomb Education Exploratory
ENG 332: Streamlining Feedback in Online Writing Instruction Janet Hudson CHASS Course Development
FTM 219: Development of Teaching Aids for Apparel Product Analysis Cynthia L Istook Textiles Exploratory
PB 200: Plant Life –  Development of a Distance Education offering Chad Jordan CALS Course Development
PSY 230: Enhancing Comprehension of Research Methods and Statistics Via Animation and Collaborative Work Sharolyn A Lane CHASS Course Development
ENG 251: Major British Writers Laura Linker CHASS Course Development
FTM 385: An Integrative Approach to Teaching Consumer Research in Textiles in an Online Environment Marguerite Moore Textiles Course Development
IS 200: Introduction to International Studies Seth Murray CHASS Course Development
ARE132: Personnel Management Jonathan L Phillips CALS Course Development
PY 211:  College Physics I – adapted for Distance Education William R Robinson PAMS Course Development
WPS 595: Manufacturing Excellence Daniel E Saloni CNR Course Development
ARE 113: Principles of Salesmanship Edward Weems Jr. CALS Course Development