IDEA Grants: Yearly Grant Totals 08-09

During the 2008-2009 DELTA IDEA (Innovation in Distributed Education Applications) Grants cycle, 29 proposals were submitted, representing 7 academic colleges. The following projects were supported during the 2008-2009 DELTA IDEA grants cycle:

Title of Project Principal Investigator College Grant Category
ANS 105 Companion Animal Course Online Kimberly Ange CALS Course Development
Discovering Strategies to Better Support New and Off-Campus DE Instructors Diane Chapman Education Research
ECI 521, Teaching Literature for Young Adults: Online and InWorld Cris Crisman Education Course Development
Establishing a Distance Education Course; Crops, Man and Society Keith Edmisten CALS Course Development
Unearthing the Past: Creating an Online Learning Environment for ANT 253 Scott Fitzpatrick CHASS Course Development
Web-Based Digital Illustration and Compositing Course McArthur Freeman Design Course Development
Feasibility and Implementation of Online Student Video Presentations Michelle Harrolle Natural Resources Exploratory
PHI 325 Bio-medical Ethics Karey Harwood CHASS Course Development
ZO 488 Neurobiology Jane Lubischer CALS Course Development
HI 208 Introduction to the History of the Middle Ages Julie Mell CHASS Course Development Julie Mell CHASS Course Development
Overcoming the challenge of DE for field based natural resource courses Susan Moore Natural Resources Exploratory
ECI 416 Teaching Exceptional Students & ECI 570 Learning Disabilities Susan Osborne Education Course Development
CH315 online course development Ghada Rabah PAMS Course Development
Establishing a DE Section of Seeds, Science and Societies (CS 224) Janet Spears CALS Course Development
Euthanasia: Compassionate, Humane and Current Methods Brenda Stevens Veterinary Medicine Course Development