DELTA Express Grants

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The 2021-2022 DELTA Express Grants Submission Cycle is now complete. We look forward to working with you next year.

Partner with us to get strategic help for those parts of your courses that you most want to change!

DELTA understands faculty are busy or may not need to redesign every aspect of their courses. That is why we are now offering the DELTA Express Grants program where we will provide support for a focused part of your course.

The DELTA Express Grants will be shorter than our yearly DELTA grants with support lasting for one semester. We will use technology and pedagogy to focus on a specific challenge or need you identify in your course.

Grants will change often based on the needs of faculty during each semester. This fall, we will offer three grant types: the Instructional Tools Grant, the Virtual Tours Grant, and the Rapid Design Grant. Please see descriptions for each grant type below.

Learn which DELTA Express Grant is right for you.

Virtual Tours Grants

The Virtual Tours grant assists faculty in filming or capturing an immersive educational environment (indoors or outdoors) to create an engaging way to work with course content online. Virtual tours will take advantage of the Matterport platform and will involve laser scanning, 360 imaging and integration of hotspots or annotations based on available content. This grant is geared for faculty who seek an innovative way to facilitate observations within a unique space or environment. Virtual tours can serve as quality online orientations or safety training materials to instructional spaces such as laboratories, museums, factories, parks, etc. They are effective in exposing students who have limited access or travel ability to a specific location that they could not otherwise experience in person. Recipients of this grant will receive $2,000 as well as DELTA support, including but not limited to scanning of a space or environment, platform hosting, interaction design and authoring support, UX and content direction, and instructional consultations.

You might be this grant type if:
  • You need assistance with a credit-bearing course at NC State University.
  • You need assistance in filming an immersive learning environment (inside the classroom or outside).
  • You seek guidance with how best to engage the students in the immersive environment.

Rapid Design Grants

The Rapid Design Course grant helps faculty quickly develop effective, standards-based online courses using a series of consultations and templated courses and materials. Designed to empower faculty to create a solid foundational design for their courses, the grant supports the rapid design and development of a new or existing online and distance education course according to Quality Matters national course quality standards and best practices.

Recipients of this grant will receive $2,000 from DELTA's expert instructional designers and technologists. This grant is best-suited for faculty who are self-starters, only need direct guidance to quickly get courses online and do not require media support. The recipient will additionally be asked to attend five regular planning meetings over the course of one semester and will be expected to work on their course between each meeting.

You might be this grant type if:
  • You need assistance with a credit-bearing course at NC State University.
  • You need support to redesign an existing course to nationally recognized standards, but need to do it quickly without a lot of frills.
  • You seek guidance with course development tools.

Instructional Tools Grants

The Instructional Tools grant assists faculty who want to create effective learning activities using the following tools and concepts: accessibility, Universal Design for Learning, gamification, Google Assignments, Gradescope, H5P, Moodle quizzes, Moodle rubrics and grading guides, Panopto, PlayPosit, Top Hat, Turnitin PeerMark and WordPress.

This grant is designed for faculty who want to integrate effective learning strategies aligned with their course goals and delivery methods but seek assistance designing effective and pedagogically appropriate activities using technology.

Recipients of this grant will receive $2,000 as well as DELTA support, including but not limited to workshops, consultations, action plan templates and additional resources.

You might be this grant type if:
  • You need assistance with credit-bearing course at NC State University.
  • You seek guidance with course development tools.
  • You want to implement an instructional technology tool to improve your course.

Still Have Questions?

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