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The 2022 DELTA Express Grants Cycle is now closed. We look forward to working with you next year.

Partner with us to get strategic help for those parts of your courses that you most want to change!

DELTA understands faculty are busy or may not need to redesign every aspect of their courses. That is why we are now offering the DELTA Express Grants program where we will provide support for a focused part of your course.

The DELTA Express Grants will be shorter than our yearly DELTA grants with support lasting for one semester. We will use technology and pedagogy to focus on a specific challenge or need you identify in your course.

Grants will change often based on the needs of faculty during each semester. This cycle, we will offer two grant types: the 3D Object Scanning Grant and the Instructional Tools Grant. Please see descriptions for each grant type below.

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What are the benefits and services faculty gain by partnering with DELTA?

With a DELTA Grant, you get:

  • Your own DELTA team to collaborate with you to find solutions for your instructional challenges.
  • Our expertise in instructional design, new media development, application development and more (based on the project scope).
  • Your time investment will multiply the benefits of your DELTA team’s success.
  • Financial resources to use for personnel, conferences, equipment, etc.
  • A partnership to impact teaching with technology based on pedagogy.

Learn which DELTA Express Grant is right for you.

3D Object Scanning

This DELTA Express Grant allows for the exploration of use-cases for scanning and presentation of real-world 3D objects for in-person and/or online learning. One of the techniques used to capture 3D objects is called photogrammetry. Photogrammetry is a process that uses photographs or videos of real-world objects or environments to create digital 3D representations of those objects (i.e., 3D models). It involves capturing many overlapping images of a structure, object or landscape. The grant will facilitate the capture (scanning) of objects including production, post-production and the investigation of delivery methods to aid with classroom-based learning

You might be this grant type if:

  • You have an educational need for representing 3D objects in a classroom setting
  • You can present a demonstrated need for digital preservation

Complete 3D scan links

The following links are examples of the type of final product we hope to produce together in the 3D Scanning grant. We use SketchFab as the viewing platform. Use your mouse or trackpad to spin the object and zoom in and out.

Instructional Tools

The Instructional Tools grant assists faculty who want to create effective learning activities using the following tools and concepts: accessibility, Universal Design for Learning (reduce barriers to learning and facilitate meaningful participation by all students.), gamification, Google Assignments, Gradescope, H5P, Moodle quizzes, Moodle rubrics and grading guides, Panopto, PlayPosit, Top Hat, Turnitin PeerMark and WordPress.

This grant is designed for faculty who want to integrate effective learning strategies aligned with their course goals and delivery methods but seek assistance designing effective and pedagogically appropriate activities using technology.

Recipients of this grant will receive $2,000 as well as DELTA support, including but not limited to workshops, consultations, action plan templates and additional resources.

You might be this grant type if:

  • You need assistance with credit-bearing course at NC State University.
  • You seek guidance with course development tools.
  • You want to implement an instructional technology tool to improve your course.

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