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NC State is committed to providing all students with high-quality, innovative learning experiences. This commitment includes online learning environments. The Course Quality Program at NC State contributes to DELTA’s mission of building student success by providing faculty with a process for quality assurance in online education.

NC State instructors and programs committed to ensuring the quality of their online and/or blended courses have a variety of opportunities for participation. The Course Quality Program provides:

  • Professional development programs
  • Instructional consultations
  • Resources
  • Course and program reviews
  • Pathways to recognition and certification of high-quality online courses and programs

quality matters logoThe Course Quality Program at NC State is rooted in the principles of Quality Matters (QM), a nationally recognized, standards-based program focused on continuous improvement of online and blended courses and programs.

Because the UNC System (NC State included) is an institutional subscriber to Quality Matters, the Course Quality Program at NC State is able to offer QM-based professional development opportunities free of charge to NC State faculty to help them improve the quality of their online or blended course and achieve QM recognition or certification. When a course receives QM recognition or certification, it serves as evidence for the research-based, expertly validated quality of online courses that support student success at NC State.

See the list of Quality Matters Certified Courses and Courses with QM Essentials Recognition at NC State.

Course Quality Pathways

The Course Quality Pathways are the different ways in which faculty can participate in professional development to achieve Quality Matters recognition or certification for their online or blended course. These programs are designed for faculty who currently teach online. There are two main pathways available to faculty who want to improve their online or blended course: QM Essentials and QM Certification.

Learn more about Course Quality Pathways.

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QM Coordinator at NC State

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